Singa-pura Trip

Finally headed down to Spore wif ling2 to meet our sporean frens :D

Day 1 -- We arrived there on the 12th, prob 4 plus & it was raining..waited for JJ at novena sq & chilled till 6pm only left..zhilin has to help out in the pre-departure briefing, so JJ, fawn & Ian entertained us for the 1st nite..we had laksa steamboat smwhere at Harbourfront. YUM !!!

after dinner, we had a walk at henderson wave..its actually a sky bridge wif nice architecture..lepak again till 10plus..& back to JJ's aunt's place. Zzzz

Day2, woke up early & gathered at vivo city..zp was late!! -.-

anyway we took monorial to sentosa island..went for desperados & water log ride..hmmm just normal, kinda felt cheated for the money we've paid! nt really worth it..haha then we continue walking ard & take pics..

Special thx to JJ..for the accomodation :D

After lunch, we went back to take a shower b4 gathering at fawn's place..
celebrated Ling2's bday there, & depart to night safari right after that,
without having our dinner..zhilin fetched us there in fawn's mum's car..& zp fetched us back

it was great spending time there, looking at most of the animals..
i like the flying squirrel..i actually saw them "flying across" from 1 tree to the other..

we ended our 2nd day with a supper at a mamak store smwhere near fawn's place.

Day 3 - dropped by to meet JJ's mum, then headed to zp's big big hse..played taboo there till 1 & decided to leave for lunch, b4 hitting back to KL again..

Lunch at Fish & Co

& finally bidding goodbye..
wif zhilin missing in the pic..

Thanks every1 for making this trip an awesome & memorable 1..
love you & shall cya guys back in Melb again!!


are we 2 years away from 2012? lol mathematically yes we are..but wht i meant was that dramatic 2012 wif all sorts of disasters..& imagine if smthing really hits our planet..kaboom & everything just gona be wiped out in the blink of an eye

k anyway back to reality, we may not know wht are we gona face the nex day tho..i just wish to know more things & live my life to the fullest while i blessed & lucky to be in this family..& im enjoying lots in msia rite now..those kinda stress-free life..

Mixed feelings blenched in wheneva im thinking of the time i left b4 getting back to aussie..its good that i will start off my 2nd year..studying & learning stuff..equip myself wif more info..
but i dun like the fact that i have to be away from my family & frens again..
back to my lonely life..i felt lonely seriously tho i have nice & close frens there..

i finally had a look wif the units im undertaking this year..& those units seems fun..but once uni started, complains will be back
im still kinda undecisive abt the subjects which im majoring in..
everything sounds alrite for me >.<

i thought of majoring in pharm then do the honours..or immuno..
but incase im not allowed to advance in those respective field, there's always a very safe pathway <>
just the matter of whether im allowed to or not depending on the grades

so i start of my 2010 resolution with,
- study hard hard to maintain & improve my grades..GPA #
- must continue to gam fei & control diet >.<
- save more $$
- try to work part-time if possible ( hope to get summer scholarship to work during year end )
- go smwhere for holiday during breaks..hahaha

actually i cant really think of anymore goals to set rite now..the fundamental thing i have to do well in is my healthy & wealthy..mentally & physically..
know a little in music, in sports, in knowledge, in other hobbies, abt my frens..
all these will lead me to knowing a little about a lot !! my quote :D

I enjoyed the moment of "doing nothing & slacking at home"..dun need to rush for assignments, being updated wif lectures & nerd for exams..haha

& i was bz watching this spore drama (little nyonya)..many thoughts just came by as i was watching it..indulging in the movie & tears flow least i was relief when the show ends..bringing me back to makes me think how fortunate i am to be able to undergo whteva i want right now..RIGHTS, education, freedom in speech, love & marriage..many many many things..

Anyway, will b away for holidays from 2mr onwards..more updates till then :D

*** Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday !!~ ***

Lifegroup back in Malaysia

Finally is our princess MANG MANG's birthday !! She always claims that she's kinda 1 year younger compared to those of the same year..haha..

wheneva i take a pic of her, she will always pose wif FOOD..

& this is her 3rd bday celebrations..
1 in melb, 1 in singapore & now in KL

Celebrated at Italianniese Garden

Rem & yp were my guests for the last 2 days..come to KL more Rem! i will layan u..haha
had a great time 2gether..& hope u enjoy ur penang trip!
& we had buffet steamboat for dinner last nite..makan again!! hehe

More plans later..till then :D


Result was released last thurs evening & im glad that i managed to acheived the desired results..not to say really good, but knowing my own standard, im alrite wif that since i made so many mistakes during exams..

Anyway, I've been exercising..nt everyday bt alternate days..yet i still cant slim down -.-
I love swimming now adays..& at least i dun feel tired while im swimming..but it will take me longer time to wash my hair >.<

hmmm i watched 2012 ystd wif my family..its rather dramatic..but no doubt, things r happening to us..slowly but surely! tsunami is already a anyway, we may not know wht's gona happen the nex min, the nex hour, the nex day!

so whine less & move forward !
learn to appreciate things & the ppl around me..
& take the fact that im still able to blog rite now as a blessing :D

to the imu ppl, all the best in ur exam preparation!

Im tired, but i cant get to sleep..& my heart rate is kinda irregular..(SNS > PNS )
but dun worry, thts just normal symptoms during..exam period, or when, the result is releasing soon!!! either 2mr evening or friday..arghh..i dun like this kinda hanging feelings..but im under pressure now..duno y..have a feeling that i wont do that well this time =.=

i screwed up 1 of the big ques in biostats..mcq neuroscience, easy to pass, bt nt easy to score..genetics will b my weakest of all i think..leaving foodchem which i think shud b fine..
I know it is pointless to think abt it, since it has been marked..i cant change anything..perhaps im just thinking, & trying to convince myself that it will b fine..but i wont mind if the results r being released least get it done..oh matter wht kinda results im getting, i can still proceed to 2nd long as i passed all of y stress?


Home Sweet Home

It has been almost a week since the day I landed msia..The feelings being home is just awesome..

Landed on sat, & hit back to malacca straight..dinner wif 1 of dad's fren..

Rest day on Sun..going round hunting for more FOOD..

Met up wif few of my college frens - zhi jun keehao & celebrated kh's bday..ntg but FOOD again :D

Shopping day wif mum on Tues..half a day gone..when im just abt to on9, my high skool frens called me out for supper..nasi lemak at paramount..cum celebrating kaizen's off i went..but most importantly is still meeting back wif my frens..

Wed - badm! finally reaches the day where i can sweat it out..twins boey k.hao mabs..Lunch after that & met up wif ky usual, wif the jokers there means non-stop laughing..
Still nt the end & we continued watching movie in the afternoon..since majority have watched most of the movies, & based on our timing, we decided to watch " The Box " at cathay..& ppl, dun watch it..i find it really STUPID..till the word "the end" appears, i still dun really get the show..ok mayb its a bit exaggerating, bt still, not worth watching =.=
Im gona watch other whoeva haven watch any movies & wants to watch it, call me out :P

Thurs - Hmmm i had a headache..ruin my day..but i still went out wif mum..& my relatives uncle auntie grandpa grand uncle came to KL all the way fr malacca..& the first thing they say when they see me is " wah, fei mui edi lor!! ..congrats! "
my aunty said : hw also will get fat 1 ar..
me : yeah, of coz..non-stop eating over there..this is the consequences..haha

Char kuey teu, chee cheong fun, wat tan hor, nasi lemak, yong tau fu, wan tan mee, chinese food, balinese food, sushi...
Haven eaten : japanese food, more chinese food, crabs, laksa, mee goreng, bak kut teh, curry food, many many more..

I need to exercise more..gym gym~~

2mr going back to malacca to celebrate my grandma's bday..

Till then :D